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Stockholm - Driving licence

EU nationals and nationals of Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway may drive legally in Sweden with their home country licenses for an unlimited period.

Nationals of other states may drive with their home country licenses for up to one year, provided the license is issued/translated in English, French, German or Swedish, Norwegian or Danish. Following this period, a Swedish license must be obtained.

Taking a driving license test  

This requires a physical exam and written and driving tests. Drivers must also take lessons in driving on slippery roads. Swedish driving tests are not only hard to pass, but also very expensive. There are limited numbers of driving schools that teach in other languages.

Instruction permits

You can get your instruction permit at the local police station or at one of the driving school. You just have to fill in a form and show your ID. At the driving school you need to pay a deposit of SEK1000 which will be like a down payment for your driving lessons. If you get your permit at the police station you are expected to learn privately. In all fairness one can say that to pass the test is practically impossible unless you take driving lessons. So whatever road you take you will end up paying the same amount of money around Sek 25,000 to get your driving license.

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