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Stockholm - Debit card

This card accesses directly your account. It is accepted for a wide range of goods and services and by the major hotels, restaurants, stores and by computerized taxis. You can withdraw money through an ATM (automatic teller machine) using a PIN (personal identification number) code formed by four digits. Most banks in Sweden will assign a PIN number to your card. Sparbanken , however, gives you the opportunity to choose your own code. There are two types of ATM (cash dispenser) - the blue type marked "Bankomat" and the red and green type marked "Minuten". The different colors signify different banks, but most cards can be used in either machine. Many ATMs also take VISA cards.

ATM  Bankomat ( even Minuten machines are called Bankomat)
Welcome to  -  Välkommen till.
Insert your card -  Stoppa in ditt kort
Press your code -  Tryck din kod
We cannot contact your bank - Vi får inte kontakt med din bank
How much do you want to withdraw - Hur mychet vill du ta ut?

If you lose your card or if it is stolen first call your bank and cancel it immediately than file a police report.

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