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Facilitate Signing up to New Schools

Parents with on-the-move lifestyles should consider keeping an education file for each child. Having a complete file that contains documents and information about your child's past school experiences will alleviate some of the stress associated with moving. Keeping good records can help simplify the procedure of signing up your child to a new school, especially when changing from one curriculum to another.

File Recommendations:
*Names of schools attended
*Period of attendance
*Keep a list of contact numbers, names and addresses of the former school (teachingstaff,administration)
*Letter of recommendation from the teacher(s): this letter should give an outline of the child in the 
  school environment, covering not only the curriculum side of it, but also abilities, social behavior,
  strengths, weaknesses etc.
*Description of curriculum (it may be necessary to translate it): the official version is a good starting 
   point, but it is extremely useful having the teacher define the outline of the program (as it may differ 
   slightly or greatly from the official one). Keeping a copy of the textbooks may come handy to
   substantiate the program followed
*Tests and work-samples:some curriculums have standardized assessments: keep a copy of these

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