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Stockholm - Bank account

Opening a bank account

When you open an account bring your passport, ID card, residence permit and proof of employment. It may be easier to open an account with the same bank that handles your employer's accounts. Your bank will provide you with checking and savings accounts that accrue different rates of interest though they are not very high.

You will get a cash card for the ATM, and if you want, a checkbook though checkbook payments are a rarity here. Ask for a bank giro (PrivatGiro) account that enables you to send your bills to the bank for payment. This is free of charge.

Your bank, if you wish, will issue you with a debit/credit card. The card will be posted to you and you should receive it one week after receiving your PIN code.

Closing a bank account  

It is very easy and straightforward to close a bank account. You just need to go to your bank with your ID, withdraw the money left in the account and ask to close it down.

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