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Stockholm - After school activities

Stockholm is a great place for indoor and outdoor activities and sports both in summer and winter.

Sports activities include:

  • canoeing
    cycling (safe because there are cycling paths everywhere)
    ice hockey
    ice skating in rinks and long distance ice skating
    roller blade

Kungsträdgården across the street from NK, right in the center of the city, has an ice-rink which is open in winter but there are various ice-rinks in many districts. And if you are lucky and the winter is "right" you can skate on the frozen water around Stockholm and on the sea. It is an experience definitely worth having as long as you treat it with extreme caution and you are fully informed on the condition of the ice and are properly equipped.

Skateboarding is prohibited in all public areas. You can roller blade in the same places as you can skate except in the subway stations.

Family entertainment
Sweden has around 20 national parks with native forest and a network of footpaths. Walking in the woods together with camping and fishing are among the most popular forms of outside entertainment. But to fully enjoy these activities you really need to become familiar with the so called "Everyman's right" (Allemansrätten) which are rules and regulations for individuals on what is permitted. For example, you are allowed to walk, camp, canoe sail, swim where you like provided you act responsibly and show consideration to others and to nature. You can put up a tent on someone else's property for one night as long as it isn't part of their garden or cultivated land and you are not more than six people. Breaking twigs off trees, picking nutsfrom trees or bushes is forbidden. The bottom line is: Don't disturb and don't destroy". And. if you have a dog you also must remember that dogs must be on leash between March 1 through August 20 to protect other animals.

Scouts clubs:
The Swedish Scout Association
The "Forest School" (Skogsmulleskolan)
The Forest Wanderers (Skogströvarna).