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Singapore - Water/Sewer

  • Public Utilities Board-The Water Authority of Singapore
    111 Somerset Road  #15-01
    Tel: + 65 6235 8888
    Fax: + 65 6731 3020
    Tel: 1800 284 6600  24 hour toll free hotline for problems with the water supply service.
    Enquiry on accounts or billing matters - SP Services Ltd
    Tel : 1800 235 6841

Tap water is safe to drink and you can find out more about Singapore’s water supply from the excellent website . The subject of the water supply will often be the subject of newspaper articles and television programs. There is some controversy over the cost of the water that Singapore buys from Malaysia. Singapore is working towards becoming self sufficient in water by building more desalination and recycling plants. The recycled (from the sewerage system) water is called NEWATER. 
The fee for Water services is included in the SP Services combined utility bill that you will receive every month. See Utilities Overview for more information.

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