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Singapore - Volunteer Jobs

There are many opportunities for volunteering in Singapore. The easiest groups to locate and join as a volunteer are those connected with your child’s school or at any expatriate group that you choose to join.
All the groups listed under ‘organizations’ need volunteers in some of the following areas:

Office management
Reception and help desk
Newsletter or magazine publication
Tours and activities including sports groups
Social functions
Fundraising for charities

Check out the website of your expatriate group (see ‘Organizations’) for other volunteer opportunities.

Volunteering in the Local Community
The National Council of Social Service co-ordinates volunteering through its Volunteer Action for Social Service program.

An example of the volunteer opportunities listed on this website are:

Project Read
This project aims to help children between the ages of 4 - 8 with reading difficulties. Volunteers visit the homes of these children to provide them one-on-one reading sessions.

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