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Mobile phones are now available with a digital camera. Images can be sent to another mobile phone with the same capability or to a computer via the internet. This is called Multimedia Messaging (MMS).

PDA’s (personal digital assistants) have a wireless capability included and can be used to access the internet for surfing, email and music downloads while traveling.

There are wireless hotspots in cafes such as Starbucks where you can use your notebook computer online via a wireless ISP (internet service provider). Very new technology is still being developed and offered by Singtel, Starhub and other companies at different sites around the city.

New [email protected] services allow you to check your email while lazing on your sofa. No need to be tied to your computer desk while surfing the Internet.

There are two main media groups in Singapore, Singapore Press Holdings and Media Corp. Together they provide newspaper, radio and television coverage of news and provide entertainment in English, Chinese, Malay and Tamil.

Singapore Press Holdings has been publishing newspapers for 150 years and is the publisher of Singapore’s main English language newspaper, “The Straits Times”. It is a newcomer to the field of television, owning the Media Works television company.

MediaCorp is Singapore longest established television and radio company. It owns five television channels and most radio stations. In 2000 it began publishing the “Today” newspaper.

There is no satellite television. Starhub is a cable television provider with a variety of packages including news, entertainment and sports. Internet providers also provide movies on-line.

Overseas newspapers and magazines are readily available at bookstores and some newspaper kiosks.
TV licence- This may have already been paid by your landlord. Otherwise you can apply for a TV Licence at any Post Office. You need to complete the TV Licence Application Form and show your passport. The annual licence fee is $110.
The Singapore government censorship laws are quite strict. Censorship in such areas as pornography and certain political material is administered by the Films and Publications department of the MINISTRY OF INFORMATION, COMMUNICATIONS AND THE ARTS. Some foreign books, magazines and films are banned and videos imported for personal use are censored. (see import restrictions)



  • Mediacorp Radio
    Broadcasting in English
    Gold 90.5FM easy-listening music, news updates, traffic reports
    Class 95FM 24 hrs of music from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s
    Perfect Ten 98.7FM hit music from USA, UK and Singapore
    NewsRadio 93.8FM news, sports, talkshows
    Symphony 92.4FM classical music
    The International Channel 96.3FM 18 hours of music and programs in Japanese, German and French
    Other channels broadcast in Chinese, Malay and Indian languages
  • UnionWorks (Radio)
    510 Thomson Road
    #B1-02 SLF Building
    Tel: + 65 6353 6100
    WKRZ 91.3FM Current Hits
  • BBC World Service 88.9FM -news and entertainment 


There are three companies providing internet connections, both dial-up and broadband – Pacific Internet, Singnet and StarHub. The average cost for 20 hours or more per month dial-up connection is $20.

  • Pacific Internet
    89 Science Park Drive
    #02-05/06 The Rutherford
    Consumer Hotline Tel: + 65  6336 6622
    Sign up for an internet connection, online, via the consumer hotline or by visiting the following stores
    email : [email protected]
    200 Victoria Street (opposite DeliFrance)
    #B1-07 Parco Bugis Junction
    email: [email protected]
    109 North Bridge Road
    #01-25 Funan The IT Mall
    email: [email protected], service and PacTV entertainment via the internet (
    Pacific Internet provide dial-up, broadband, mobile email SMS
    Also provide a Personal Care Service for a fee – installation, wiring, maintenance of internet account.
  • Singnet
    10 Eunos Road 8
    Tel: + 65 1610
  • Singnet Customer Service Counters at:
    Hello! @ Orchard

    270 Orchard Road #02-01
    Crown Plaza Hotel Shopping Annex
  • Challenger SuperStore7
    SingNet Sales Counter
    109 North Bridge Road
    #06-00 Funan The-IT-Mall
    Provide dial-up and broadband services. Sign up online or by visiting the customer service centres. Wireless Surf, SingTel Movie Magix video-on-demand (20 movies per month) and SingTel Magix for downloading games from the web. Available to SingNet BroadBand customers with 512Kbps access.
  • Starhub Internet
    31 Kaki Bukit Rd 3
    #05-18/20 Techlink Lobby A
    Tel: + 65  6825 7800
    Fax: + 65 6821 7028
    Customer Care 1800-825-7900
  • StarHub Customer Care Centre
    59 Killiney Road
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