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Singapore - Terrorism

Singapore is a politically stable country and there are no concerns about civil unrest. It has a well-trained army and police force. Singaporeans are well educated and appreciate the orderly environment that they live in.

Prior to 'September 11', terrorism was not an issue in Singapore, although there were problems in other parts of SE Asia. In December 2001, Singaporeans were shocked to hear that 23 people belonging to an Islamic terrorist group had been arrested. It is alleged that this group had planned to bomb embassies and other buildings connected with western governments.

Measures have been taken since then to improve security at embassies and other public buildings. Stricter security measures were also introduced at the American Club, international schools and other places around the city where expatriates were known to congregate. In Holland Village, which has lots of cafes and restaurants popular with expatriates, kerbside parking was forbidden to guard against car bombs.

So far there have been no actual terrorism incidents in Singapore, but terrorism does continue to be a problem in Indonesia and the Southern Philippines.


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