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Singapore - Teenagers

Singapore has a very safe environment where teenagers can lead very independent lives. There is no real danger in staying out late and travelling around by taxi or public transport. Parents may have some difficulty in allowing their teenagers to be so independent. Teenagers will certainly appreciate the freedom, but may easily become part of groups that get involved in drugs or heavy drinking. 

Drug Laws
There are very severe penalties including imprisonment if caught in possession of even the smallest amounts of drugs, including marijuana. Drug traffickers receive the death penalty.

Liquor Laws
The legal age for consuming and buying alcohol is 18 years. Some pubs and bars will not check identification and serve alcohol to underage drinkers. Some larger clubs will only allow entry to patrons over 21 years.

Mobile phones
Some phone companies offer packages that only allow SMS messages to be sent, but not calls. This is a good option if you are worried about the phone bills. Using pre-paid phone cards is a good way to encourage teenagers to keep track of how much they spend on phone calls.