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Singapore - Taxi

Despite all the extra charges listed below, taxi fares are inexpensive and booking by telephone and fax is easy. Singapore has over 10,000 taxis and it is easy to hail one from the street or take one from a taxi stand.
Taking a taxi in Singapore at all hours of the day and night is perfectly safe. Taxis drivers are generally polite and drive safely. Singapore taxis are now fitted with safety belts in the front and rear seats and it is obligatory to wear them. Singapore taxi drivers do however have one failing – they do not always know the best way to get to a destination and don’t know the location of some buildings and streets. Getting around the city centre is not a problem, but for other destinations it is a good idea to check a street directory before you leave or go to . At least know a nearby landmark such as an MRT station.
If you are in a taxi travelling along an expressway and a bell starts ringing- don’t worry, this is only an indication that the driver is speeding and the bell will stop when he slows down.
If you have an important appointment to keep, call ahead to book a taxi. During heavy rain and at peak hour taxis can be difficult to find and the telephone booking lines can be busy.
Tipping a taxi driver is not necessary but if you receive good service you can leave the small change.

Extra charges
Telephone booking - $3 extra charge
Telephone bookings for more than 30 minutes in advance - $5 extra charge
Between midnight and 6am - 50% extra is added to the metered fare
Trips from the airport – $3 extra charge ($5 on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 5pm to midnight)
ERP charge -  Taxis passing through an ERP gantry will add this charge to the fare
Central Business District (CBD) rush hour extra charge -  $1 extra from 5pm to 8pm on weekdays
Peak hour charge -  $1 extra on weekdays 7.30am to 9.30am and 5pm to 8pm, Saturday 7.30am to 9.30am and 11.30am to 2pm
Holiday charge -  extra $1 for some periods of holidays like New Year’s Eve, Christmas etc
Credit/Charge payment - add 10% extra to fare

Taxi bookings

  • Comfort Cablink
    For 24 hour bookings Tel: + 65 6552 1111
  • CityCab
    For 24 hour taxi bookings Tel: + 65 6552 2222
    Customer service hotline Tel: + 65 6452 0220
  • Tibs Taxis
    Booking Hotline Tel: + 65  6555 8888
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