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Singapore - Sport and social games

Sports for Smaller Children
Contact the American Women’s Association,  ANZA or other national associations for a list of ‘playgroups’ where parents and small children can meet.

  • Gymboree Play and Music
    03 17/18 Tanglin Mall
    163 Tanglin Road
    Tel: + 65 6735 5290
    Gymboree provides physical activities in a safe, indoor space for young children (accompanied by an adult). There are many class schedules for different age groups from Gymbabies (birth to 6 mths) to Gymkids (3 to 4 yrs).
  • Kindermusik
    03 11B Tanglin Mall
    163 Tanglin Road
    Tel: +
    65 6467 1789
    Fax: +
    65 6467 5560
    Classes for children aged six months to seven years old are held here. Activities include singing, learning simple instruments, dance and play activities with music.  Material is provided for activities to do at home. 
  • Private Clubs with Activities for Children
    SACAC Sports
    Singapore American School
    40 Woodlands Street 41
    Tel: + 65 6363 6454
    Fax: + 65  6368 9757
    email [email protected]
    Organizes the following activities:
    Fighting Fish- A competitive swimming club with training three times a week - swimming one to five kilometres per session.
    Gymnastics for children aged three to 18. There are many groups for different ages and abilities.
    American Football for boys in grades 1 to 12
    Girls and Boys Soccer for grades 1 to 8
    Girls and Boys Basketball for grades 3 to 10
    Girls Softball for grades 1 to 12
    Baseball for boys grades 1 to 12
  • ANZA Little Athletics
    ANZA office
    Tel: + 65 6733 1215
    Fax: + 65  6735 9695
    Activities for five to 16 year olds. The program runs from October to March. It is open to all children. Non ANZA members must join as sports members.
  • Big Bubble Centre
    68 Neil Road
    Tel: + 65  6222 6862
    Fax: + 65  6222 5751
    email [email protected]
    Scuba diving lessons are held for children from the age of eight years.
  • Bukit Timah Saddle Club
    51 Fairway Drive
    Tel: + 65 6466 2782
    Fax: + 65 6468 5810
    The Saddle Club is a family orientated riding club that has facilities for school riding, leisure riding, dressage and jumping. There are stables for boarding horses with care and feed provided. The clubhouse facilities include: bar and lounge, pool table, equestrian shop and other amenities. The Club runs a popular beginners’ course for non-members to try out horse riding.
  • Centaurus Rugby Football Club
    Tel: + 65  6235 7898
    Fax: + 65 6235 2736
    Mobile: 9632 3885
    email [email protected]
    Games for children aged six to 12
  • ANZA Netball
    Players can be aged eight to 15 and upwards. Games are played Saturday mornings from September to March. The activity is open to all children. Non ANZA members must join as sports members.
  • ANZA Soccer
    For girls and boys from five to 18 years of age.  Games are played on Saturdays from September to April. Soccer games are open to all children. Non ANZA members must join as sports members.
  • Junior Soccer Centre & League
    51 Broadrick Road
    Tel : + 65 6348 5780
    Fax: + 65 6346 6522
    email: [email protected]
    These activities are for boys and girls aged five to ten.
  • Skateboarding
    Skate Park
    The park can be found on the corner of Somerset Road and Grange Road (opp Orchard Cineleisure).
  • Tennis For Life Training Academy
    Tanglin Tennis Centre
    Minden Road
    Tel: + 65  6464 8663
    Fax: + 65  6464 8665
    Private and group lessons for all ages and abilities are held here. There are also holiday tennis camps.

Other Activities:

  • Girl Scouts
    Troops have been formed at the Singapore American School, the  Overseas Family School, the United World College and the Canadian International School.
  • Boy Scouts
    There are several troops including 1st Anza scout group. Contact schools for more information.
  • Easy-Peasy Little Artists
    79 Faber Green
    Singapore 129302
    Tel 6774 4269 Fax 6774 4310
    Easy-Peasy holds afternoon arts and crafts sessions for five to ten year olds.
  • Bit-by-Bit
    36 Watten Rise
    Singapore 287342
    Tel 6467 1664 Fax 6468 2745
    Classes are held covering all sorts of computer-based skills including: word processing/ creative writing, spreadsheets, digital imaging/drawing and programming/logic. Aimed at children aged three to 16.
  • As You Wish
    #03-12 Tanglin Mall
    Tel 6732 8783
    At As You Wish one can select a piece of pottery and paint it.

‘Things To Do With Our Children’ This booklet is available from the American Women’ Association (Tel: + 65 6734 4895 website: ). Parents and children can use this website to find out about Singapore in general and research available activities and places to go. One can use the map to investigate every part of Singapore and click on sites to find out opening hours, public transport and facilities.

Private clubs - see under "Singapore - Expat Associations"

  • Daycamps
    Overseas Family School
    Sports, swimming, arts and crafts, science and computers and other activities are available for ages three to 11.
  • ANZA
    Activities to be found here are: sports, swimming, arts and crafts, science and computers and other activities aimed at ages three to 11. Join in the five weeks of summer fun!
  • Canadian International School

    Three different summer school programmes are offered to children aged three-five years, six to 14 yrs and aged 14 and above. 
  • American Club
    The American Club has activities for ages four to 10.
  • LooLa Adventure Resort
    Indonesia Bintan Island
    Summer holiday camps are held in July and August for expatriate children aged eight to fourteen.   Activities include: kayaking, climbing, cycling and orienteering.
  • Outward Bound

    Outward Bound provides adventure programs from the age of 14.
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