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Singapore - Road system

Singapore is not a big place and if you own a car you will probably eventually want to drive to Malaysia.

Singapore is connected to Malaysia by two long bridges. The oldest bridge is called the Causeway and is at Woodlands on the northern side of the island. The Tuas Second Link is at the western end. There are checkpoints at each bridge for immigration (don’t forget your passport) and for collecting tolls. Tolls are paid using the CashCard system. On weekends, traffic can become very congested at the checkpoints. For traffic information for arrival and departure sections of the Tuas and Woodlands checkpoints call the  Check-Tips Hotline:Tel: + 65 6863 0117

To discourage Singapore car owners from driving to Malaysia to buy cheaper petrol, there is a rule about petrol levels in vehicles.  All Singapore registered cars leaving Singapore at the Tuas and Woodlands Checkpoints must have at least three-quarters(3/4) of a tank of petrol.  After clearing the Immigration Counter the petrol gauge of the cars will be checked.

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