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Singapore - Relatives or Nanny/Au pair Visa Paperwork

Travellers coming from Western Europe, North America, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Hong Kong and Asian countries can visit Singapore for a short period of time without a visa. On entry, a passport will be stamped with a 14 to 90 day visitor visa. (For more information on visitors' visas see Immigration-Types of Visa.)
For a relative to stay longer in Singapore you will need to apply for a Social Visit Pass on their behalf. You can obtain and submit an application form at :

Many expatriates as well as local Singaporean families employ foreign maids. The maids usually come from Indonesia or the Philippines. It is also possible to employ maids or nannies of other nationalities.

There are many rules and regulations covering the area of maid employment.  The employer is responsible for the activities of the domestic helper even on her days off. The employer pays a security deposit of S$5,000 in case the maid breaks Singapore law or the terms of her work permit and has to be sent back to her home country. The employer is also responsible for providing accommodation and food.
The website of the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) has comprehensive information about visa and work permits for foreign domestic workers: . The following general information is taken from that website under the heading of ‘Work Permits’. The following information may not apply to nannies who have a professional child care qualifications. They may be able to obtain a work permit in a different category.

Basic Requirements and Procedures for Employing a Foreign Domestic Worker

1. A foreigner who is on social visit such as on holiday or short term visit to Singapore is not allowed to apply for a Work Permit.
2. A foreign domestic worker (FDW) must be at least 18 and below 50 years old at the time of the Work Permit application. The foreign domestic worker is allowed to work in Singapore up to the age of 60 years old provided that she is medically fit for employment and she has not contravened any of the Work Permit Conditions.
3. An employer who wishes to employ a foreign domestic worker must apply for a Work Permit. A foreign domestic worker can come into Singapore only after the employer has obtained an In-Principle Approval (IPA) letter from the Work Permit Department (WPD) and furnished a security deposit of S$5,000 in cash, banker's or insurance guarantee together with a Personal Accident Insurance of minimum sum S$10,000.
4. Within 14 days of the worker's arrival, the FDW must undergo a medical examination and be certified fit by a Singapore registered doctor. During the validity of the worker's Work Permit, the worker is required to undergo compulsory six-monthly medical examinations. Any foreign domestic worker who fails the medical examination will be immediately repatriated.
5. A Work Permit is usually valid for two years subject to the validity of the foreign domestic worker's passport.
6. The Work Permit can be renewed on a 2-year basis and the renewal letter will be sent to the employer approximately six weeks before the expiry of the worker's permit.
7. The employer is required to pay a foreign domestic worker levy of S$345 per month. The levy is adjusted from time to time as a means of moderating the demand for such workers. The charges for the levy begin one day after the foreign domestic worker's arrival in Singapore. It is compulsory to pay the foreign domestic worker levy via GIRO deduction. We will cancel the work permit of the worker if the employer fails to maintain a valid GIRO facility with a bank. The employer is not required to contribute Central Provident Fund (CPF) for the worker.

More detailed information can be found at this website, particularly under the heading- Procedures for Employing a Foreign Domestic Worker Who is Currently Not In Singapore

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