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Singapore - Public transport

Singapore has an excellent, safe and clean public transport system that is inexpensive and easy to use. The subway or train system, which is underground in the city centre and above ground in the suburbs, is called the MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) and has three lines. A fully automated light-rail or monorail system called the LRT (Light Rapid Transit) is connected to the MRT in two suburbs. There are two bus companies:  SBS and TIBS.

Information on bus, MRT and LRT travel, which covers routes, frequency, fares and times of earliest and last buses and trains is available at:

ez-link card

With this one card you can travel on the buses and MRT without ever having to purchase a ticket or worry about the cost of the fare. The ez-link card is a stored-value, smart card that you tap over a card reader at the entrance and exit of stations and at the entrance and exit of buses. The reader automatically subtracts the fare from the card.

Purchase an ez-link card which costs $15 ($5 deposit and $10 stored value) at the Passenger Service counter next to the ticket gates in MRT stations. Add value or top-up the card at the ticket machines in the stations using cash or ‘Nets’ (see Banking). Cards can also be topped-up automatically through the ‘GIRO’ system. You can also add value to your ez-link card at the ticket office paying with cash or using your bank ATM card.

Bus travel is very convenient using the ez-link card. You don’t have to know the name of your destination unless you wish to purchase a single-trip ticket from the bus driver. For this you will need to have the correct fare in coins as the bus driver will not give change and notes are not accepted. For one journey of bus travel the maximum fare is $1.90 even if you take 3 buses to complete your trip. You always get on the bus at the front and get off at the door in the middle of the bus. If you forget to tap your ez-link card on the reader when you leave the bus you will be charged the maximum fare of $1.90. It is possible to get a refund if you make this mistake, but the time and effort involved will not usually be worth it.

Some bus services are an express service and do not stop at every stop. Most bus services stop around midnight but some bus routes continue to operate through the night. To find out more about the bus routes buy a copy of “The TransitLink Guide” and “Singapore Bus Map” at bookstores.

  • Bus Transport to Malaysia
    SBS Bus service No. 170 departs for Johore Bahru from Queen Street via Bukit Timah Road, Upper Bukit Timah and Woodlands Road. Passengers can board this service anywhere along the route. This is a normal public bus service and the fare is around $1.20. The service departs Queen Street at 15 minute intervals. Passengers alight from the bus at the Woodlands checkpoint for immigration control and then rejoin the bus for the journey across the Causeway.
    SBS Hotline:  Tel: + 65 6287 2727
  • Singapore – Johore Express Bus service
    Queen St Terminal (junction of Queen and Arab Sts)
    Tel: + 65  6292 8149
  • Singapore – Malacca Express Bus
    Lavender Street
    Tel: + 65 6292 2436
  • Singapore-Kuala Lumpur Express Bus
    Ban San Street
    Tel: + 65 6292 825
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