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Singapore - Private schools

Singapore - Private schools

Most newcomers to Singapore enroll their children in a private school and there is a large choice covering Australian, American and European systems. When choosing a school for your child think about how long you plan to be in Singapore and where you might be moving to next. The International Baccaulareate system is used by many schools in many different countries.

Make visiting schools one of your first priorities as the choice of school may determine where you want to live. Some schools are close to public transport, but young children may still need to travel in a school bus. Some of the schools are very big, but this does not necessarily mean that they are intimidating to children. Different parts of the school usually have their own facilities and play areas.

Once you have decided on a school, ask for more information on the school bus routes. This will help you when choosing where to live. Singapore is a small place, but children can have more than one hour bus journey to school.

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