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Singapore - Housing Overview

Singapore is a modern city with a wide choice of living and lifestyle options. Expatriates are not confined to any one area and will be more than likely overwhelmed by the amount of choice. However, the majority of Singaporeans and the majority of expatriates live in apartment style buildings. Nearly all expatriates rent (lease) their accommodation. Government regulations usually allow foreigners to purchase apartments in newly built high-rise buildings. The cost of housing in Singapore is high, but recently rents have been decreasing.

Workplace and transport
You can live right next to the business district and walk to work, choose an apartment in the East Coast area within easy driving of downtown, live near the Orchard Road shopping district with excellent public transport close by, or find somewhere more leafy and secluded but further from the city centre. The Singapore government discourages car ownership, making owning and running a car very expensive. On the other hand there is an excellent and inexpensive public transport system.


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