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Singapore - Renting a House

Finding an Apartment or House
Properties for rent are listed in the Classifieds section of The Straits Times newspaper. The largest number of listings is in the Saturday edition. However it will be easier to work with a real estate agent. They are happy to show you as many properties as you want to see. If you don’t like the service or kind of properties that you are being shown then complain or change to another agent. You will not be charged by the real estate agent. They take their fee from property owners. 

Some Points to be Aware of When Looking
Properties viewed are often as the last tenant left them. The landlord will organize to repaint after you have agreed to lease it. At this stage you can ask for changes to be made to curtains/blinds etc.
Check walls for signs of mould or water seepage.
Apartments are usually advertised as having 3x1 or 4x1 rooms. This means that there are three or four bedrooms plus an extra room for a maid. Women from Indonesia or the Philippines are commonly employed as live-in domestic help.

Signing the Lease

It is common for the lease to be in your company’s name. Leases are usually for one or two years. A ‘diplomats’ clause is often included in the lease agreement.  This means there will be no penalty if you have to leave Singapore before the lease ends.
Check who is responsible for maintenance of the air-conditioning units. If your landlord will not be maintaining the air-conditioners then you will need to organize a maintenance contract yourself. Also check who pays for any repairs to appliances etc.

For houses, check who pays for garden maintenance. Often there is a system in place for the garden to be maintained by an outside company.
Walk through property before signing the lease to check everything is in order.

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