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Singapore - Electricity

  • SP Services
    111 Somerset Road
    #01-10 Singapore Power Building
    Tel: 1800 738 0038 for billing enquiries
    Tel: 1800 778 6666 for breakdown of service (24 hours)

SP Services is Singapore’s only electricity supply company. The cosPt of electricity will be included in the combined utilities bill that you will receive monthly. Having electricity etc connected is normally organised for you by your real estate agent.
Documents required  to set up a utilities account will be:

  • Passport/Identity Card of tenant

  • Documentary proof of occupation of premises (copy of tenancy agreement provided by real estate agent)
  • Bank Account number if you wish to pay by GIRO (an automated service which debits your bank account)
  • An initial deposit of S$150 for private apartment or semi-detached house and S$250 for a bungalow.

Accounts can be paid by:

  • GIRO –automatic bank transfer
  • Electronic-at AXS Stations using NETS ATM or CashCard  and at automated machines at Post Offices
  • Cheque-write account number on back of cheque and post
  • Cash–at Power Supply Customer Service Centres or at Post Offices (can also use NETS ATM card)

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