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Singapore - Duty Free Shopping

If you are a visitor to Singapore (not a resident) then you can get a refund on the Goods and Services Tax (GST) for purchases that you are taking with you when you leave the country.

If you spend more than S$100 in any store, then you can ask for a Global Refund Shopping Cheque. Altogether you must spend S$300 to qualify for a GST refund.

At the airport show your Global Refund Shopping Cheques, receipts and passport to the Customs officer at the GST Refund Inspection Counters. These counters are after airport immigration for items that are hand-carried or in the departure hall for items in check-in luggage.

After receiving the Customs stamp you may collect your refund at the refund counter next to Customs.
The refund can be in the form of cash, Changi Airport Shopping vouchers (with 10% additional value added), direct credit to a credit card or a bank check sent to a chosen address.
These last two options have a handling fee.

  • Global Refund Singapore
    24 hr hotline
    Tel: + 65  6225 6238
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