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Singapore - Clothes shops

Shopping for clothes abroad requires a little bit of knowledge on how to compare the new system with your old one.

In Singapore clothing sizes are a real muddle. If you shop in Marks and Spencers you will get British sizes. The sizes in other department stores depend on the origin of the clothes. Asian brands commonly use S, M, L, XL and the average sized non-Asian person will often need XL. There is less choice in the stores for larger or taller people.

It is possible to have clothes tailored. There is also good internet access so it is easy to order from on-line catalogues.
Expatriate organizations will also have more information about good places to shop.
Look for larger sizes in the department stores and also at the following places:

Marks and Spencer
501 Orchard Road
#B1-00 Wheelock Place
#02-50 Centrepoint
Tel: + 65  6734 1800

Export Fashion
163 Tanglin Road
#02-21 Tanglin Mall
Tel: + 65 6235 0692
And three other stores at Suntec City Mall Phase 3, Holland V Shopping Mall and Peninsula Plaza.

Double Spring Enterprise
211 Holland Avenue
#02-26 Holland Village Shopping Centre
Tel: + 65  6469 1967

Liz Clairboune
391 Orchard Rd
#03-00 Takashimaya department store
Tel: + 65 6735 4869
Stores at 5 other locations

Royal Sporting House
163 Tanglin Road
#01-21 Tanglin Mall
Tel: + 65 6735 5875
Fax: + 65 6734 2530
A popular chain of more than 20 stores for all kinds of leisure and sports wear.

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