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Singapore - Car Accident Procedures

For traffic accidents where someone is injured call:

  • 995 – for an ambulance
  • 999 – for police or 1800 547 1818 for traffic polic

Car accidents must be reported to the police if:

  1. Someone was injured
  2. A government vehicle or government property is damaged
  3. A vehicle with a foreign registration is involved
  4. The accident involves a pedestrian or cyclist (even if they were not injured).

Any other accident is termed a ‘non-injury motor accident’. You should note details of the accident and take contact details from all the other people involved in the accident and from any witnesses and you should submit this information to your insurance company. To do this you will need to get a copy of a ‘Non-Injury Motor Accident Report Form’ from the insurance company.

  • Traffic Police
    10 Ubi Avenue 3
    Tel: + 65 6547 0000
    Fax: + 65 6547 4900
    Accident Hotline: 1800 547 1818
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