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Oslo - Work permit

Work permits (arbeidstillatelse) and Residence permits (oppholdstillatelse) are issued by the police. Citizens of EEA countries are allowed to stay in Norway for six months and start work immediately without the necessary documents. If you intend to stay longer, you may apply for a Residence Permit (oppholdstillatelse) after you arrive. If you need to extend your stay, your employer should notify the Police's Aliens office (Utlendingsseksjonen). All new arrivals must report to the local police station (politistasjon), preferably as soon as possible after you arrive. It is also advisable to apply for a Residence Permit as soon as possible as this is necessary to obtain your personnummer (see Foreign Resident Requirements), which you will need for opening a bank account and claim child benefit, for instance. Your company's personnel department could also help you with this.

Documents needed when applying for residence and work permits :
- All passports and three passport size photos for each member of your family 
- Proof of income, e.g. copy of employment contract or proof of employment (ansettelsesbevis)
- Marriage certificate or other proof that you are living together (e.g. joint bank accounts, joint mortgage, local  government registration etc)
- Birth certificates of children generally, only original documents are accepted.

Non EEA nationals must have a job offer in Norway prior to being issued a work permit. You must apply for a Residence and Work Permit from the Norwegian Embassy or Consulate in your home country before you go to Norway.
The processing time can take long, and you are not permitted to enter the country or start working before the permit has been issued. Upon arrival, you must report to the police station. Normally the permits are valid for 1 year and are renewable.
You will be notified when your permits are ready. They will either be sent to you in the post or you can collect them at the police office. The processing time varies and can take anything from two weeks to up to three months.

For more details about what applies to you, contact the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration at:

  • Utlendingsdirektoratet (UDI)
    Hausmannsg. 21
    Tel: + 47 (23) 35 1500/+ 47 (23) 35 1600 (info. 9-14)
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