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Oslo - What is available locally

International and ethnic food can be found in many of the small food shops and markets in the downtown and eastern parts of Oslo, for instance Grønland and Gamlebyen (the old town), where a lot of immigrants now live. This part of Oslo is worth visiting if you want to find special ingredients (especially Asian and African food) for more reasonable prices than in a big supermarket.

Organic food
Generally, the use of pesticides in the production of fruit and vegetables in Norway is moderate, compared to countries with a warmer climate. The selection of organically grown fruit and vegetables is now increasing in Norway, but the prices on these products are still slightly higher than on other products. Organic food is sold in health food shops ( helsekostbutikker ) and in bigger supermarkets. Look for food with the name "Økologisk" or Debio (Norwegian) and Demeter (imported). For more information on organic food, visit:

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