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Oslo - TV system

The TV system in Norway uses the PAL system, which is the same as in the rest of the countries in Western Europe, except France, where they use the SECAM system. TV systems from the USA, Japan and many Asian countries cannot be used, unless you have a multi system TV. The same goes for videocassettes and recorders (VCR). VCRs and cassettes from the USA, France and Asian countries cannot be used on a Norwegian TV/VCR, unless you have multi system VCRs. It is possible to convert videocassettes to play on another system. For details, contact one of the following video conversion specialists in Oslo:

Filmteknikk Norway AS
Gullhaugv. 12, Oslo
Tel. (47) 22 02 36 00

The Chimney Pot
Drammensv. 130, Oslo
Tel. (47) 22 13 51 70

Video conversion specialists in Asker and Bærum:
New Vision Multimedia
Vollsv. 13 E,
1366 Lysaker
Tel. (47) 67 51 86 30

Nes Terrasse 45,
1366 Lysaker
Tel. (47) 67 51 86 30

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