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Oslo - Special needs children

Children with special needs  

Educational-psychological service (pedagogisk-psykologisk tjeneste or PPT):
Children with learning difficulties have the right to assessment of their needs by the PPT. When the educators or psychologists employed at the PPT have identified the child's special need, a suitable teaching programme will be developed in co-operation with the school and the parents. Children in private schools can be put in contact with this service via their class teacher or headmaster/mistress.

The childcare department (barnevernsnemda):
Each municipality has a childcare department, whose function is to provide help for children who experience difficult situations at home. This may be cases where the mental and physical welfare of a child is in danger (negligence, abuse). To assess the needs of each particular child, home visits may be arranged and alternative homes may be found, such as foster families or day care centres. Help can also be financial, such as finding work or education. For more information on help with children's special needs and problems, visit:

Psychiatric treatment for children and young people:
To assess any psychiatric problems your child may have, you can contact one of the regionally located psychiatric clinics, such as:

  • A1 Majorstuen Psykoterapi
    Schultzg. 5, Majorstuen
    Tel: + 47 (22) 56 5021
    Therapy for families and children
  • Alternativ til Vold
    Korsg. 28 B
    Tel: + 47 (23) 23 1570
    Alternative to violence
  • Nic Waals Institutt
    Spångbergvn. 25, Tåsen
    Tel: + 47 (22) 02 8800

Special Health Care
Disabled ( funksjonshemmede) children and adults are entitled to free rental of certain equipment and the family can apply for financial support and benefits to cover the cost of necessary aids, such as a wheel chair (rullestol), crutches (krykker), aid call alarms (trygghetsalarm) and a personal lift (personløfter/heis). Support is also available for special changes and fittings you should need in your car. For more information, you may contact the local health centre, the social security office (trygdekontoret) or the Disability Aid Centre at:

  • Hjelpemiddelsentralen
    Peter Møllersv. 15
    Tel: + 47 (23) 05 9900

You may also be entitled to help with housework and health care in your home. For information about home nursing, ask at the local health centre or contact the social security office (trygdekontoret).

For diagnosis and treatment of rare handicaps, contact:

  • Frambu   
    1404 Siggerud (outside Oslo) 
    Tel: + 47 (64) 85 6000
    National information centre for disorders and disabilities
  • Handicap sports
    Beitostølen Health Sport Centre
    Tel: + 47 (61) 34 0800
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