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Oslo - Shipment insurance

Insurance of your shipment can be arranged through your moving or relocation company or you may contact your insurance company about this.

Travel Insurance (reiseforsikring)
Travel insurance can be paid for monthly or the insurance may be taken out only for the period of travelling. These are the main types of travel insurance:

1. Luggage insurance (reisegodsforsikring), which covers damage to or loss of luggage when travelling.
2. Travel Accident Insurance (reiseulykkeforsikring), which covers expenses in case of accidents and injury.
3. Travel Health Insurance (reisesykeforsikring), which covers health care expenses and travel home. There might also be a coverage for travel home if someone in the immediate family dies or becomes seriously injured.
4. Travellers  Liability Insurance (reiseansvarsforsikring), which provides coverage should you have an incident where you were legally liable.

Cancellation insurance can be purchased from the travel agent or your credit card company, if the credit card was used when buying the tickets.

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