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Oslo - Services for the disabled

Disabled (funksjonshemmede) children and adults are entitled to free rental of equipment and the family can apply for financial support and benefits to cover the cost of necessary aids, such as a wheel chair (rullestol), crutches (krykker), aid call alarms (trygghetsalarm) and a personal lift (personløfter/heis). Support is also available for special changes and fittings you should need in your car. For more information, you may contact the local health centre, the social security office (trygdekontoret) or the Disability Aid Centre at:

  • Hjelpemiddelsentralen
    Peter Møllersv. 15
    Tel: + 47 (23) 05 9900

You may also be entitled to help with housework and health care in your home, as well as having meals brought to your home. For information about these services, ask at the local health centre or contact the social security office (trygdekontoret).

For diagnosis and treatment of rare handicaps, contact:

  • Frambu (National information centre for disorders and disabilities)
    Siggerud (outside Oslo)
    Tel: + 47 (64) 85 6000
  • Handicap sports
    Beitostølen Health Sport Centre
    Tel: + 47 (61) 34 0800
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