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Oslo - Pregnancy and childbirth

In Norway, everyone is entitled to free antenatal and childbirth care. Whether you are working or not you are entitled to a maternity allowance. Contact your local Social Security office (trygdekontor) for details.

Antenatal Care
For your antenatal care you can choose to go to a GP, the doctor at your local family health clinic (helsestasjon) or a midwife (jordmor) or a combination of these.  Ask at the health clinic about prenatal courses, exercise, yoga and relaxation courses. 

Most babies are born in hospital, but home births are becoming more popular. It is common to visit the hospital prior to the birth to meet staff, see the facilities and discuss any concerns/wishes you may have. Fathers are normally present at the birth, but other relatives or friends are allowed if you wish.

Postnatal Care
After a normal delivery the mother and child would usually stay in hospital for about four days. Most babies in Norway are breastfed and it will be assumed that yours is too unless you say otherwise. Often the nurses are very good at helping with breastfeeding. About one or two weeks after you have left hospital you should receive a home visit from the local helsesøster (a nurse specialising in looking after mothers and small children) from the health clinic.  From then on you and  your baby will be called to the health clinic for regular checks and vaccinations, but you are welcome to visit the health clinic at any time if you have problems, worries or concerns.
According to Norwegian law, fathers as well as mothers are entitled to take paid maternity/paternity leave. The mother (or father, if preferred) is entitled to one year paid maternity leave. This can also be shared between the parents. Contact the Social Security office (trygdekontoret ) for more details.

For more inforamtion:
There is a booklet (in English) published by the Immigration Directorate (Utlendingsdirektoratet, UDI) called Mother and Child which can be obtained by contacting:

  • Utlendingsdirektoratet
    Tolke-og Informasjonsavdelingen
    Postboks 8108 Dep
    The booklet covers antenatal care and childbirth, the first months, vaccinations and maternity allowance, and is available in several languages.
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