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Oslo - Places to see

Oslo is an excellent city for walkers and many of the sights are within walking distance of each other. And you can always take advantage of the many buses (buss), trams (trikk), subways  (T-bane) and trains (tog) that cross the city (see Transport for more info. on the public transport system). The public transport network even serves more outlying places like Holmenkollen (the hill with the ski jump) and Marka (the forest area surrounding the city). If you like a good walk, the Tourist Association can give further details on trips in the surrounding areas:

The following links give you information and suggestions for what to see in Oslo and Norway:

For tourist information, contact:

  • Oslo Promotion
    B. Bullspl. 1
    Tel: + 47 (23) 11 7880

For more travel recommendations, contact the Norwegian Tourist Board at:

  • Norges Turistråd
    Stortorvet 10
    Tel: + 47 (24) 14 4600

You may also find this online Oslo guide very useful:

For sightseeing on the fjord, see Travel by boat in "Getting there".

For scenic train trips, see Travel by train in "Getting there".

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