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Oslo - Places for children

In Norway children play outdoors a lot and most neighborhoods have a play ground.
It is an old tradition for families to go for walks in the surrounding nature areas (Nordmarka) near Oslo on weekends, and the local Ski Association and Mountain Touring Association (see Sports) cater for activities and meeting places on their outings and organize trips for families. Oslo has many parks. Vigelandsparken (see Vigelands museum at
can be recommended for an outing with children, as it has plenty of space and a great playground.

Amusement parks (fornøyelsesparker):

  • Tusenfryd  and Vikingland
    Located at Vinterbro, at E18 south of Oslo
    Tel: + 47 (64) 97 6401
  • Hunderfossen Familiepark
    2625 Fåberg, north of Oslo
    Tel: + 47 (61) 27 7222
    Fax: + 47 (61) 27 5555

Hadeland Glassverk is a glass, crystal and china factory situated in beautiful surroundings by a lake, with art exhibitions, shops, restaurants and activities for children and families, as well as beaches nearby.

  • Hadeland Glassverk
    Tel: + 47 (61) 31 6400/47 (61) 31 6600 (info)
    one hour's drive north of Oslo

A popular outing for families is the

and the

  • Technical Museum
    as they organize amusing and educational activities for children.

A popular outing for families is the Zoo south of Oslo at:

Also popular with families:

  • Bø Sommarland
    Tel + 47 (35) 95 1699
    Fax: + 47 (35) 95 1699
    Water amusement park with accommodation, restaurants, shops, situated in the village of Bø, west of Oslo
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