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Oslo - Phone

If you bring with you telecommunication equipment from other countries when you move to Norway, it has to meet the requirements of the Norwegian Post and Telecom Authority, which are equivalent to the EU standards, in order to work properly. Should you have questions, contact the Norwegian Post and Telecom Authority at:

  • Post- og Teletilsynet
    Revierstr. 2
    Tel: + 47 (22) 82 4600

If you decide to purchase telecom equipment in Norway, keep in mind that the telecom vendors are highly competitive and prices vary. Compare prices here:

Credit card calls  
Most credit cards can be used on public telephones. Look for a red phone box or phone booths in shopping centres, bus and train stations, waiting halls and parking areas.

Directory and Operator information  
The biggest telecom company in Norway is Telenor (the previously state owned Televerket). Telenor issues the telephone directory.
For the telephone directory, call 1881.
For general information, call 140.

For a complete list of telecom companies (private and business, mobile, Internet, broadband, ISDN/ASDL, etc), look under Telekommunikasjon in the yellow pages or online at:

To set up a phone connection, contact one of the following telecom companies:
  • Telia Norge
    Lysaker Torg 5
    Tel: +
    47 (21) 01 /+ 47 (800) 31 516
  • NetCom
    Sandakerv. 140
    Tel: +
    47 (924) 05 050 private/+  47 (924) 05 051 business
  • Tele2Norge
    Ulvenv. 89 B
    Tel: + 47 (21) 31 9000/+ 47 (800) 65 001
  • Telenor
    Universitetsg. 2
    Tel: +
    47 05525 private/+   47 05535 business

International Calls  
International telephone calls can be made from all public phone boxes. You will normally have the possibility to make international calls with your telephone subscription. To make international calls from Norway, call 00 before you dial the number.
To book a call through an operator, call 115
You find more information at:

Long Distance Calls  
You will normally have long distance calls included in your telephone service and the charge for long distance calls is the same as for local calls.

Public Phones  
Public phones take coins, credit cards and phone cards and you can make local, long distance and international phone calls from a public phone. There will be instructions in Norwegian and English in the phone box.
For the telephone directory, call 1881. Telephone card phones  
Telephone cards can be used on all public phones and the card can be purchased and refilled in kiosks such as Narvesen.

Mobile phones  
NB! Talking on a hand held mobile phone while driving a car is illegal in Norway.
Norway, together with Finland, has the most mobile phones in use in the population. The mobile phone network in Norway is among the most modern in the world and there is a very good coverage all over Norway and throughout Europe (with digital GSM and an increasing use of satellite phone systems). There is a strong competition between the mobile companies and prices vary. Telenor and NetCom are the biggest mobile phone companies.

To set up a mobile phone subscription, you may contact Telenor at Tel: + 47 09000
or go to:

For a complete list of mobile companies, look under Mobilkommunikasjon in the yellow pages or online at:

Phone numbers Mobile numbers start with 9 or 4.

Free phone numbers start with 800.

Oslo numbers start with 22 or 23.

Asker and Bærum numbers start with 66 or 67.

All numbers have eight digits, including the area code.

The country code to Norway is 47.

To make international calls from Norway, call 00 before you dial the number.

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