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Oslo - Parties

Attending a birthday party   
It is expected that both children and adults dress smartly for birthday parties, or if it a sports or outdoor event, more practical clothing would apply. Dress code is often specified in the invitation, as well as the date for an RSVP. Arrive with a card and a present (or money enclosed with the card), promptly. If it is a child's party at home, make sure you take the shoes off before you go in.

Birthday parties  
Traditionally, Norwegian families organize their children's birthday parties at home, but this is changing. The trend of taking the party to another location, such as restaurants and sports clubs, for instance, is increasing. McDonald's and Burger King organize birthday parties, as does Peppe's Pizza restaurant. You may also inquire with other restaurants that welcome children (see Restaurants) if it is possible to have a birthday party organized there. This could be combined with a visit to the cinema or theatre. Swimming pools and bowling alleys would also cater for birthday parties, as would many sports clubs (see Sports). If you would like a company to organize a party for your children, you may contact one of the following party organizers:

  • Hauger Gård
    Marisdalsv. 539
    Tel: + 47 (22) 23 6361
    Children's parties at the farm with horses, nature trails and competitions
  • Abrahamsen Beachparty
    Voll Terrasse 18
    Tel: + 47 (67) 14 6000
  • Absolutt Festpartner
    Eilinsv. 30
    Tel: + 47 (67) 14 9819 (24 hours)
  • Festus
    Røykenv. 142
    Tel: + 47 (66) 90 4107

For more information on companies that cater for parties, look under Selskapsarrangement og -servering in the yellow pages or online at:

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