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Oslo - National holidays

New Year's Day (Nyttårsdag) : Jan. 1

International Women's Day : March 8

Easter (Påske)
The Easter holiday is a longer holiday in Norway compared to many other countries where the Easter holiday is observed. Apart from it being an important religious holiday, Easter time is also used for the major skiing holiday of the year. Many people take up to two weeks off and spend the holiday skiing in the mountains or spending the time abroad in warmer climates. This is also when the sailing season starts for many people. Easter starts with Palm Sunday (Palmesøndag) and goes through Holy Thursday (Skjærtorsdag) and Good Friday (Langfredag), Easter Eve (Påskeaften), Easter Day (Påskedag) to Easter Monday. For Easter holiday suggestions, visit this web site:

Labour Day : May 1

Ascension Day (Kristi Himmelfartsdag): Dates vary

Independence Day (Constitution Day):  May 17
This is the country's biggest holiday, when many Norwegians take to the streets attired in a variety of traditional folk costumes (bunad). Schools and institutions, bands and sports clubs, organisations and businesses are represented in the many parades through the city.

Whitsun (Pinse)
White Sunday and Whit Monday: Dates vary

Midsummer's Eve (St. Hans):  23 June.
This is celebrated with bonfires, barbecues, music and dance to mark the longest day of summer.

Christmas (Jul)
Christmas Eve (Julaften ): Dec. 24
Christmas Day (første juledag): Dec. 25
2nd Christmas Day (andre juledag ): Dec. 26

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