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Oslo - Importing your goods

You may need to pay an import duty for inherited good above a certain value.

General rules for liquor and tobacco
The import of alcohol and tobacco is restricted. You will be charged an import duty for taking more than two litres of alcohol and two hundred cigarettes in to the country.

Prohibited restricted goods  
The most important restricted or barred items to have in mind when moving to Noreway are the following: Alcohol
Animals (including stuffed animals)
Foods (fish, eggs, fruits, grains, flours, meat, dairy products, potatoes, vegetables)
Flammable material
Leather and skins
Poisonous chemicals
Telecom equipment

Cultural artifacts and cultural property 
You may have to pay a license or additional duties in order to take them to Norway.

Firearms and ammunition  
There are strict gun laws in Norway and weapons cannot be imported or carried in public.

Medicines taken in to Norway from abroad may need a special declaration for the customs.

There is no rabies in Norway, and if you take your pet to Norway, you need to have it vaccinated against rabies followed by an antibody control. Dogs must be micro chipped, vaccinated against leptospirosis and canine distemper and be dewormed against tapeworm. Cats must also be fitted with a microchip for identification and dewormed. An import permit and recent veterinary certificate (Health and Vaccination Certificate) must accompany all animals upon arrival at the border. Applications should be made at the following address:

  • Norwegian Animal Health Authority
    P.O.Box 8147 Dep N-0033
    Tel: + 47 (22) 24 1940
    Fax: + 47 (22) 24 1945
    email: [email protected]

Wildlife, fish, plants  
Plant seeds are not permitted for import, as are plants and certain live animals. For animals, permits may be obtained from the Customs office.
When relocating to Norway, your moving company should already have a list of all your belongings and they will normally take care of the customs declaration when your belongings arrive in Norway. You may check with your relocation company or moving company if there are special requirements as regards packing, declaring and importing certain belongings (as an example, importing alcohol and cars can be costly!). For details, contact the Norwegian Customs Office at:

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