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Oslo - Importing a car

Importing your automobile or other vehicle  
You may chose to import your car as part of your moving goods (flyttegods) or as temporary import (midlertidig innførsel). You should be exempt from paying import taxes on your car if you fulfill the following requirements:
· if you have lived outside of Norway for at least five consecutive years. If you have lived abroad for   between two and five years, you can be entitled to a reduction in import tax. · if the car has been registered in your name for at least one year prior to arrival
· if the car has a mileage of at least 5000 km
· if the car is imported as part of your belongings when you move to Norway
· if you own and use the car for at least two years form when you arrive in Norway

If you plan to stay in Norway for less than one year, you can bring in your car and use it with foreign number plates if:
· you are a permanent resident of another country
· have not lived in Norway for more than 365 days during the last two years
· have documentation to show that you will be in Norway for less than a year (employment contract)
· have the car with you when you arrive and immediately notify the customs that you will use the car during your stay You may be able to apply for an extension of this arrangement, without having to pay import taxes.

Regualtion are constantly evolving, read more on the Tollvesenet site
For more information, contact the Norwegian Customs Office at:

  • Tollvesenet
    Schweigaardsg. 15
    Tel: + 47 (22) 86 0850/+ 47 (22)34 6600 (24 hours)
    Open 24 hours

You need to change the registration and number plates on you car when you take it to Norway. For information about what you have to do with your car, contact:

  • Statens Vegvesen in Oslo
    Grensev. 92
    Tel: + 47 (22) 07 3500

For technical control and change of number plates (required when entering Norway with a foreign vehicle), call:
Tel: + 47 (22) 07 4525

  • Statens Vegvesen in Asker and Bærum
    Bergerv. 3
    Tel: + 47 (66) 77 2900
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