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Oslo - House rent

Houses and apartments can be rented furnished, partly furnished or unfurnished. Electricity may be excluded or included in the rent.
When renting a house or apartment, you should expect to pay a deposit equivalent to one to six months' worth of rent. This should be paid into the house owner's/landlord's bank account or a joint account between yourself and the house owner/landlord. You should normally have your deposit back within a month after you terminate the tenancy agreement.
Make sure you go through every aspect of the tenancy agreement with your landlord before you agree to sign, as house owners/landlords could be tempted to have you sign unreasonable and in some cases illegal agreements.
Also make sure that the responsibility for different maintenance issues are clearly stated in the tenancy contract. You should also make sure you insure the belongings you bring into a rented house and inquire with the insurance company about additional insurance for tenants (see Insurance).
Should you decide to rent a house or apartment, and need advice on legal matters, you may contact the Norwegian Tenants' Association at:

  • Leieboerforeningen
    Torgg. 33
    Tel: + 47 (22) 20 7000
  • Legal advice for non-members:
    Tel: + 47 (820) 88 005
    Expect a higher rate for the telephone call. Members have the right to free legal advice.

The estate agents most often take care of the advertising for houses that are for sale or rent, either in the newspapers or on the Internet or in special leaflets. The main estate agents will have their own web sites with information and pictures of the properties that are for sale. You will also find their ads in the main newspaper in Oslo; Aftenposten, or the local paper for Asker and Bærum; Asker & Bærum Budstikke. Housing advertisements are placed under Eiendom (property) or Bolig (dwelling).

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