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Oslo - Driving licence

If you already have a driving license (førerkort) from a country outside of the EU, you are allowed to use this in Norway for one year and then exchange it for a Norwegian one (a driving test is not required for this). When you leave the country, you may have your foreign license back. The driving license categories in Norway are the same as in the EU, so you can use a license issued in a EU country when you live in Norway. Other rules apply for diplomats (inquire with your embassy).

Obtaining a drivers license  

Driving schools
If you do not have a driving license and you have lived in Norway for at least six months, you may apply for a Norwegian driving license. The legal driving age in Norway is 18. To take a driving course (theoretical and practical instruction), contact a driving school. Most driving school instructors (trafikklære) speak English.
For a list of driving schools (trafikkskoler) and questions about driving in Norway, contact the Norwegian Traffic School Association at:

  • Autoriserte Trafikkskolers Landsforbund
    Ryensvingen 15
    Tel: + 47 (22) 62 6080
    List of driving schools

International driving license 
If you already have an international driving license, you can use this in Norway. A driving license issued in Norway qualifies as an international license. Should you have questions, contact the Norwegian Road Administration at: 

  • Statens Vegvesen in Oslo
    Grensev. 92
    Tel: + 47 (22) 07 3500

Actually taking a driving license test
The test you need to take in order to obtain a driving license consists of a theoretical and a practical part, both done in the same day. First there is the theoretical test (done on paper or computer), which could last an hour (ask for an English version, or other languages, if avalaible). Then an instructor will do a driving test with you, giving you instructions for what to do. If you pass the test, you will have your photo taken and the license will be issued while you are waiting (this may vary). 

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