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Oslo - Civil unrest

The Norwegian constitution guarantees the freedom of speech and the right to organize political demonstrations are generally granted for most political groups (but not for extreme racist, communist and nazi-oriented political groups, for instance). However, there has been clashes between extreme right and left wing groups in Oslo and other cities, and this has been effectively stopped by the police followed by arrests.

From time to time there are gang fights in certain parts of Oslo, where groups from different ethnic, religious and political backgrounds are in conflict. This has received an increasing amount of attention from the authorities, and quicker processing, stricter punishment, more police control, treatment (where appropriate), mediation and better integration attempts seem to have had a positive effect in several cases.

Environmental issues, such as disputes about hydropower stations demanding the regulation of water falls and rivers, has been protested by illegal demonstrations. Such disputes have involved a certain amount of violence and many arrests.

Political elections and election campaigns do not normally cause civil unrest in Norway, even if the public political debate around the elections can be open and frank.

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