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Oslo - Child benefits

Child benefit
Every family with children who live in Norway for at least a year and pay income tax to Norway, are entitled to a tax free child benefit (barnetrygd). This benefit is paid monthly, and the rates are not dependent on your income. You need to apply for this at the social security office (trygdekontor) of the municipality (kommune) in which you reside, and you will need your residence permit and personal identification number (personnummer).

Extra Family Allowance (kontantstøtte)
For children between the ages of one and three there is an extra payment from the state called kontantstøtte (cash allowance). These extra payments are made because of a lack of childcare places for the under-threes. If your child goes to a kindergarten or nursery school (barnehage) full-time, you are not entitled to these extra payments, but if the child goes part-time the extra payment is reduced proportionately. The intention is to encourage parents to find alternative childcare and so ease the pressure on nursery schools.

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