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Oslo - Car purchase and sale

Car prices in Norway are high compared to many other countries. You can arrange to finance the purchase of a vehicle via your car dealer, a bank or a finance institution. To apply for a loan, the bank will give you an application form to fill in.

Most car models are sold in Norway. If you bring a car with you from abroad, it may be difficult for a car dealer to trade it, as it might be impossible to get parts and do services on a foreign car if it is not sold in Norway. You also have to pay import duties and customs for taking your car in to Norway.

Car registration  
If you buy a new car, your car dealer will take care of the registration (registrering) paperwork and the charge for this will be included in your payment when you buy the car. You need to keep the registration card (vognkort), insurance information and driver license (førerkort) with you in the car at all times. When you buy a secondhand car, make sure you check with the car dealer if the re-registration fee (omregistreringsavgift) is included in the purchase price. Your car dealer will also be able to advice you on additional paperwork related to the change of ownership. You need to submit a form about the change of ownership to the Norwegian Public Roads Administrations at:

Statens Vegvesen
Grensev. 92
TeL: + 47 (22) 07 3500

You can sell your car through a car dealer or privately, by advertising in newspapers and magazines. For advice on buying and selling cars, evaluation and price lists, contact an automobile association. Alternatively, contact the Norwegian magazine Dine Penger (Your Money) for information about car prices or use their web site:

Both new and used cars (bruktbil) can be bought from a car dealer or privately, as well as from importers, brokers and auctioneers. Alternatively, contact the Norwegian magazine Dine Penger (Your Money) for information about car prices or use their web site:

For a more comprehensive source of car information, visit this book shop in Oslo:

Automobilia Bookshop
Uranienborgv. 25
Tel: + 47 (22) 60 8600
Books on cars, planes, boats

You find cars advertised in the newspapers (look under Bil til salgs in Aftenposten) and in car magazines such as Autobørsen (weekly), which is sold at newsagents like Narvesen, or visit their web site:

The following web site also gives you information about used cars for sale:

When you buy a used car, there might already be a dept on it, and to check this, you can contact the register centre at Brønnøysund (Brønnøysundregistrene), Tel: + 47 (75) 00 7502 or use their web site:

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