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Oslo - Annual events

Annual events  

  • Every spring/summer: 
    There is a Children's Festival at the Kalvøya island in Sandvika (look for advertising in newspapers and on posters) and a Medieval Festival at the fortress (Akershus Festning) by the harbour in Oslo (look for advertising and posters).
  • The 17th of May:
    The constitution day, celebrated all over the country with national costumes, parades, games for the children and entertainment. Schools, shops and all public offices are closed on this day.

For an overview of Norwegian festivals:
For trade exhibitions
For a complete list of event organisers, look under Events on the yellow pages in the phone book or online at:
website: .

Ethnic events  
One of the most typical ethnic events is the annual celebration of  the Norwegian Independence Day (Constitution Day) on May the 17th. Many Norwegians take to the streets attired in a variety of traditional folk costumes ( bunad ). Schools and institutions, bands and sports clubs, organisations and businesses are represented in the many parades through the city.

For an overview of Norwegian festivals:

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