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Norway - Duty free shopping

The value added tax (VAT or MVA) is charged on all imported goods. The VAT or MVA (currently between 12 and 24 % - this varies, check The Norway Official Website) is a tax added on prices and services, and prices are given with the MVA included.

The MVA is not collected on exports, so when you buy certain items in Norway, make sure you check with the retailer if the MVA on the goods they sell can be exempted, if you are planning to leave Norway.

Shops that sell tax free items will display a sticker with the Tax Free Shopping logo on it and you will receive a Tax Free Shopping voucher to go with your purchases. The voucher has to be filled in, stamped and signed in the shop, and when you leave the country, you can claim a cash refund for the tax that was included in the purchase price. Remember to keep your receipts and do not break any seals or packaging.

For information about shops offering tax free shopping and where to get your cash refund, contact: