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Mexico - Work Permit

Foreigners can legally work in Mexico, after they obtain the required work permit from the Mexican Immigrations Office. You will need perseverance to gather every documents required because gathering them will likely mean going through several other procedures and will patience to make the several required trips to the immigration offices.

Tourist Card or FMT
This is the blue and white paper issued on the airplane, that grants you permission to be in the country as a visitor. Make sure you get the maximum of 180 days at this point if you intend to stay and work in Mexico. You might need that time to complete the application process for your work permit.

Birth Certificate
Your birth certificate must have a stamp of authenticity, issued by the Mexican Consulate nearest your place of birth. If you can't locate this little document, you may be able to order an official copy from the Registrar's Office of the city where you were born. You must then send it to the Mexican Consulate nearest your place of birth, accompanied by a letter of request.  If you are handling the transaction from Mexico, I suggest that you have the consulate return the stamped document (you will provide a self addressed, stamped envelope with your request) to a friend or relative in your country, and have that person send it to you through UPS, Fedex or an equivalent carrier. Expect to pay fees for any services rendered.

Professional Certificate or Degree
This document must have, like the birth certificate, a stamp of authenticity issued by the Mexican Consulate nearest the institution where you obtained your certificate or degree.

issued by your country of origin.

Offer Letter
You must have a job offer before you apply for permission to work. This offer must be written on the company's official letter head, include your full name -correctly spelled-, the position you will hold, the date you will begin (you may not work until you have the permission, but the process of obtaining the visa may extend beyond the date on which you supposedly begin employment as long as you started the application process before such date), and the amount of money that you will earn. This letter must be signed by an official of the institution whose name appears on the Acta Constitutiva de la Institución -the company's legal document of incorporation- , and you must include a photocopy of this individual's identification. Start your application process no sooner than (or no later than!) 30 days before your supposed start date of work, as visa applications are not accepted before this time period.

Acta Constitutiva de la Institución
This paper is the most challenging to obtain, as it is the legal document that identifies the company which is hiring you. You need a notarized copy of this document, which can be carried out at any public notary. Many businesses will choose to provide you with the official copy.

Ultima Declaración de Impuestos de la Institución
This is the company's most recent quarterly tax declaration. Some companies may prefer to send it to the Immigrations Office themselves.

Four front and four profile, visa-size, color photographs. They shall not be Polaroid. Your forehead must be clear of any hair (bangs), and in the profiles your ear must show completely.
Now you are ready to go to your nearest immigrations office. Remember to show your best attitude and smile to the immigration officers.

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