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Mexico - TV-Cable-Internet-Radio

The media network in Mexico City is very complex, and you will be able to find information on almost any subject, and in a variety of languages. Satellite TV and radio make it possible to receive broadcasting stations from many countries. Magazines and newspapers from several countries and in several languages are not that difficult to get, and with the Internet Service, you will be able to find most any type of information you are interested in. Mexico City is truly part of the Global Village.

However, local/public TV and radio stations feature programming in the Spanish language, and you'll be able to find very few transmissions in English. World news is decently covered by the main newspapers and magazines, but of course most information will focus on Mexico and its vicinities. You will find that Mexicans dedicate a lot of media attention to criticizing the Mexican government.

  • TV  
  • Xex TV 2
  • 4 TV
  • Xhgc TV 5
  • Xeq TV 9

For programming of these 4 chanels, log on to:


Multivision, Sky and Direct TV offer satellite TV. Prices vary depending on the package (number of channels) you choose.They bill monthly and accept several payment options. In order to install this service, you will have to have an valid ID plus a telephone- or water bill as "prova de domicilio" (proof of housing). Without these documents, they will not install the service. Usually it takes only a day or two for them to send out a technician who will put up the dish, cable etc.
Beware of small companies that offer satellite/dish TV, particularly if they want to sell you 'converters' and 'cards' that 'unscramble' the satellite signals. They could be illegally stealing the signal from satellite channels, and you could be paying a small fortune in 'unscrambling cards' every few weeks and/or having to buy new equipment frequently.


  • Radio Acir AM 1260
    News and traffic coverage in Spanish
  • Formato 21 AM 1790
    News and traffic in Spanish
  • Xered AM 88.1
    News, talkshows, traffic coverage in Spanish
  • Digital FM 99.3
    Pop billboard top songs in English and Spanish
  • Azul 89 FM 88.9
    Easy-listening music in English from the 70's, 80', 90's
  • Mix FM 106.5
    Top pop hits in English
  • Alfa FM 91.3
    Top hits in English
  • Bonita AM 1290
    Mexican folk music

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