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Mexico - Train System

Mexico has a good train system, which operates between the major cities of the country. Some trains run at the request of local authorities, so they may be cancelled without advance notice.

Travel by train can be  more enjoyable than a trip by bus, but also much more expensive. As with bus service, it is best to pay for the highest class available.
We recommend Primera Especial for day trips and  Pullman compartments for overnight travel. They offer sleeping compartments suitable for one (camarin) or two (alcoba). During day you can convert it into a comfortable sitting room.

Minors of 5 years of age travel for free, but have to be accompanied by their parents. Minors of 5-11 years pay half price.
The government recently approved to build and operate a Light Rail line in Mexico City. The project should start in 2006.

The organization is called Ferromex (Ferrocarril Mexicano SA de CV). If you need information on train connections, please visit:
(it shows in English, German and French)
To make reservations go to:

  • Ferromex El Chepe,
    Tel: + 52 (61) 4439 7212
    Fax: + 52 (61) 4439 7208
    email: [email protected]

Many people prefer to travel by bus because it is faster and has more services.
Example: Travel from Mexico city to Chihuahua: Flying 2.15h, on the road 34h, by train 40h.