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Mexico - Phone

General information

The country code for Mexico is 52.
The area code for Mexico City and the metropolitan area is 55. That might end up looking like a lot of 5s when you dial from abroad, but that’s the way it is! Dialing from abroad, a typical Mexico City number would look like this: (52 55) XXXX XXXX

Typically, telephone numbers consist of eight digits. About three years ago, telephone numbers changed from 7-digits to 8-digits. Basically, they added the number “5” (five) to the beginning of every 7-digit number. This way, the number 568-87-22 became 5568-87-22. Once in a while, you may encounter an outdated business card or billboard showing a 7-digit number. All you have to do is dial “5” first, and then the rest of the number.

To make calls with the same area code, just dial the eight-digit local number.

To call a mobile phone from within Mexico dial:
044 + city code + mobile number
To reach a Mexican mobile phone from abroad, you need to omit the 044, and dial as if it were a regular telephone, with its corresponding country code and area code.

Telephone Cards  

Buy a prepaid telephone card as soon as you can (and always carry one with you). Most public phones operate with these, rather than with coins. You may buy the cards at many chain stores, pharmacies, and newsstands for $20.00, $30.00, or $50.00 (Mexican pesos). Be sure they are properly wrapped. You may make local, nation-wide or international calls from payphones, either with direct dialing or the help of an operator.These cards feature a small, square-shaped chip on one end. It is very easy to follow the visual instructions on how to operate these phones. The phone cards are disposable and recyclable.

Mobile Phones
If you have a tri-band mobile phone, you will be able to use it in Mexico. Go to Telcel or Movistar and purchase a chip of 100 pesos or more, if you do not speak good Spanish, ask them to upload this amount on your mobile.
Note: you will most probably not be able to send an SMS from your mobile phone to any number abroad (inside Mexico it is possible). If you need this feature, you will have to sign a contract with Telcel which can be renewed every month. But still so, it is better to ask, since they do not have contracts with many foreign countries. In order to be able to sign a contract, you need a valid ID plus a proof of home address (water bill, telephone bill...)

Long Distance Calls
Thanks to the recent deregulation in this sector, many choices are available for long distance carriers. Telmex is still the largest, followed by AT&T/Alestra, Avantel/MCI and others. AT&T offers customer service in  English at 01 800 288 2000. Setting up a long distance carrier is easy and payment options are convenient.

International calls  

  • To make international calls dial:
    00 + country code + city code + telephone number
  • The front pages of many local telephone directories include a list of overseas country codes. If you need operator assistance, dial 090.
  • A few country codes:
    Australia: 61
    New Zealand: 64
    United Kingdom: 44
    United States: 1
    Spain: 34
  • Go to any  Movistar center and ask, if they have "International calling cards" on offer. Or go ask at a kiosk for "Tarjeta Saludos". It is a lot cheaper calling abroad with an International calling card. You will be asked the amount you want to spend (the minimum is 100 pesos) and have to pay cash or with a credit card. You then receive a card with the instructions on it and a NIP number which you will always have to insert to get access to your card. When you call the operator's number, you have the option to either getting further instructions on how to make the call in English or Spanish.

Credit Card Calls 

  • Credit card calls are not possible yet within Mexico, unless you have an international calling card, like the one AT&T offers which bills you monthly.
  • Directory and operator information: 
    To reach the operator, dial 090 or 020.
    For a fee, you can dial 040 to get local or national phone numbers.
    You may dial 030 for the exact time (hour and minutes).

Long Distance Calls Within the Country

  • 01 + city code + telephone number (7 or 8 digits)
    You will find all of the city codes at the beginning of the Yellow Pages. Note that throughout the country, the number of digits to be dialed changes from town to town.
  • No. City/Town Old Area Code Correct Area Code +7 or 8 digits local telephone number
  • Following is a list of the area codes for some of the main cities in the country:
    - Acapulco,Guerrero     744 + seven-digit number
    - Aguascalientes,Aguascalientes  449 + seven-digit number
    - Campeche,Campeche    981 + seven-digit number
    - Cancún,Quintana Roo    998 + seven-digit number
    - Celaya,Guanajuato     461 + seven-digit number
    - Ciudad de México, D.F.& metro area  55 + eight-digit number
    - Ciudad Delicias,Chihuahua    639 + seven-digit number
    - Ciudad Juárez,Chihuahua    656 + seven-digit number
    - Ciudad Obregón,Sonora    644 + seven-digit number
    - Ciudad Victoria,Tamaulipas    834 + seven-digit number
    - Coatzacoalcos,Veracruz    921 + seven-digit number
    - Colima,Colima    312 + seven-digit number
    - Córdoba,Veracruz     271 + seven-digit number
    - Cuautla,Morelos    735 + seven-digit number
    - Cuernavaca,Morelos    777 + seven-digit number
    - Culiacán,Sinaloa    667 + seven-digit number
    - Chetumal,Quintana Roo   983 + seven-digit number
    - Chihuahua,Chihuahua   614 + seven-digit number
    - Chilpancingo,Guerrero   747 + seven-digit number
    - Durango,Durango    618 + seven-digit number
    - Ensenada,Baja California   646 + seven-digit number
    - Fresnillo,Zac.    493 + seven-digit number
    - Guadalajara, Jal. & metro area   33 + eight-digit number
    - Guanajuato,Guanajuato   473 + seven-digit number
    - Guaymas,Sonora    622 + seven-digit number
    - Hermosillo,Sonora    662 + seven-digit number
    - Irapuato,Guanajuato    462 + seven-digit number
    - Jalapa,Veracruz    228 + seven-digit number
    - La Paz,B.C.S.    612 + seven-digit number
    - León,Guanajuato    477 + seven-digit number
    - Lerma,Méx.    728 + seven-digit number
    - Los Mochis,Sinaloa    668 + seven-digit number
    - Manzanillo,Col.    314 + seven-digit number
    - Matamoros,Tamaulipas   868 + seven-digit number
    - Mazatlán,Sinaloa    669 + seven-digit number
    - Mérida,Yucatan     999 + seven-digit number
    - Mexicali,Baja California   686 + seven-digit number
    - Monclova,Coahuila    866 + seven-digit number
    - Monterrey, N.L.& metro area   81 + eight-digit number
    - Morelia,Mich.    443 + seven-digit number
    - Nuevo Laredo,Tamaulipas   867 + seven-digit number
    - Oaxaca,Oaxaca    951 + seven-digit number
    - Pachuca,Hidalgo    771 + seven-digit number
    - Puebla,Puebla    222 + seven-digit number
    - Puerto Vallarta,Jalisco   322 + seven-digit number
    - Querétaro,Queretaro   442 + seven-digit number
    - Reynosa,Tamaulipas   899 + seven-digit number
    - Saltillo,Coahuila    844 + seven-digit number
    - San José del Cabo,B.C.S.   624 + seven-digit number
    - San Luis Potosí,S.L.P.   444 + seven-digit number
    - San Miguel de Allende,Guanajuato  415 + seven-digit number
    - Tampico,Tamaulipas   833 + seven-digit number
    - Tapachula,Chiapas    962 + seven-digit number
    - Tepeji del Rio,Hidalgo   773 + seven-digit number
    - Tepic,Nayarit    311 + seven-digit number
    - Texcoco,México.    595 + seven-digit number
    - Tijuana,Baja California   664 + seven-digit number
    - Tlaxcala,Tlax.    246 + seven-digit number
    - Toluca,México    722 + seven-digit number
    - Torreón,Coahuila    871 + seven-digit number
    - Tuxtla Gutiérrez,Chiapas   961 + seven-digit number
    - Veracruz,Veracruz    229 + seven-digit number
    - Villahermosa,Tab.    993 + seven-digit number
    - Zacatecas,Zac.    492 + seven-digit number
    - Zacatepec,Morelos    734 + seven-digit number
    - Zamora,Michoacan    351 + seven-digit number
    - Zihuatanejo,Guerrero   755 + seven-digit number

Like many countries, there are special numbers for consumer information and entertainment. In Mexico, the numbers that start with 800 can be called toll-free anywhere in the country. Usually these numbers are prepaid commercial lines, where consumers can get information about or purchase products or services.

A number that starts with 900 is not free and usually charges very expensive fees. These are  entertainment numbers that offer horoscope readings, sports updates or sexually suggestive conversations.

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