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Mexico City - Sports Goods Shopping

Despite the high price of the mainly-imported sports goods, there are very few stores specializing in a specific sport, because there isn't a wide enough consumer base to keep them in business for a long time. Usually, these stores open and close after a few months. Even The Sports Authority opened a store in the Polanco area some years ago, and closed in less than a year. When a sports store starts making good sales, a devaluation strikes our country and prices become too high, thus sales drop. Golf courses do have small pro shops, but they are very expensive, offer little variety and golfers use them mainly to buy "emergency" items (a glove that ripped just before starting a round etc) 

Sports goods are mainly bought at department stores or at a huge sports goods store named Deportes Marti.  

  • Deportes Marti
  • Deportes Marti - Santa Fe Mall
    Av. Vasco de Quiroga No. 3800
    Col. Santa Fe
  • Deportes Marti - Plaza Satelite Mall
    Circuito Centro Comercial No. 2251
    Ciudad Satélite 5100
    Naucalpan de Juárez
    Edo de México
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