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Mexico city - Shopping

In Mexico City, you will be able to find almost everything you need, in a wide variety of settings, from tiny trinket stores and street vendors, to cosmopolitan malls. Usually, the shopping areas and malls around cluster communities are most expensive (Polanco, Santa Fe, Lomas, Bosques de las Lomas, San Angel, Pedregal), but they also carry the best variety and assortment of items, both national and imported.

The malls will make for a complete shopping - and entertainment - experience, in that you will be able to find almost everything, from gourmet coffee, to casual and designer clothes, and fine furniture. Not to mention the cinemas and the nice restaurants. The sole act of browsing through the stores in a major mall is a complete day program, and store personnel are so nice and helpful, that you will - at first - feel sorry to leave with your hands empty. When you buy a heavy/large item, chances are they will offer to help you take it to your car.

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