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Mexico city - News

Local Newspaper  

Newspapers can be purchased at any of the hundreds of newsstands you find all over the city, at many chain stores (Superama, Sanborn's, Vips, etc.) or by subscription.

  • The major local newspaper is Reforma, which is very complete in local, national and international news. You can subscribe by telephone
    Tel: + 52 (55) 5628 7575
  • Another major newspaper is Novedades, which also offers an English edition named "The News".
  • El Economista and el Financiero are interesting choices for businesspeople in Mexico, as they specialize in business, economy, finance and politics. El Economista features a section on the latest in adult entertainment (restaurants, bars, shows, and the like).

International Newspaper
At Sanborn's you may find newspapers, magazines and periodicals from abroad, some more recent than others.
Some periodics you will find are: The Economist (very good to get a simple, in-depth explanation and analysis of the most important world happenings), USA Today, Newsweek, and  more.

Online Newspaper
A great site, lisitng all the major newspapers and their links by country.

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